Henna Brows and its Difference From Microblading

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You may know henna as a skin staining plant dye that is used to create floral patterns on the skin. It is used as a temporary tattoo-like skin decoration.  While the henna plant as a decorative tool is more common among people from Southeast Asia, India and Eastern Europe, A-listers like Rihanna have also been seen flaunting henna designs on their skin. 

Henna first seeped into the western world as a wholesome ingredient for darkening the hair. It became the preferred alternative for women who wanted to dye their hair without risking the harsh ingredients present in synthetic hair dyes. Not long after however, its hair dying and skin staining properties was discovered to be beneficial for brows. Bringing to the world of facial cosmetics, a game changing way of adding volume to the brows.

Hearing of henna brows alongside other eyebrow enhancement techniques like microblading has however caused confusion for a lot of people. Some people think it is just another type of permanent makeup like microblading but it actually isn’t. There are major differences between both of them.

The difference between henna brows and microblading

First of all, you should know that while henna brows is a natural and non-permanent eye-brow treatment that involves the use of various shades of henna plant to create a well-defined lasting stain on the brows, microblading is a kind of tattoo artistry that has to do with implanting pigment into the skin using a manual tool. Here are some other factors that differentiate henna brows from microblading:

Procedure: For microblading, the technician uses a hand-held disposable pen to create hair-like strokes on your brows. He/she fills the basal layer of your epidermis with pigment to take the form of a natural looking brow. The result is a restructured and well-defined eyebrow that will save you the stress of shaping your brows—looks natural, no makeup effect.

Henna brows give a make-up/tattoo effect without using any sharp tools. The technician may use a doe tipped applicator or a fine cosmetic brush to apply your preferred colour of organic henna product on your brows. Henna stains not only your hairs but also the skin, creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows. Henna’s natural properties come with health benefits that can help restore damaged or weak hair follicles.

Price: The cost of getting henna brows is more wallet friendly than microblading. Price ranges from as low as $30 for henna brows

Duration of results: Microbladed brows can last up to 12 months before it starts fading out while henna brows lasts for 6 weeks—a strong staying power considering the method of application.

Are you wondering which among these two eyebrow treatment to go for? The condition of your brows should guide your decision. People with over-plucked eyebrows or whose brows no longer grow naturally often opt for microblading while henna brows are the preferred option for those who want to enhance the volume and length of their brows.

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