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Boost your Immunity and energy with our medical IV therapy administered by accredited nurse practitioners and delivered to





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All our medical IV therapy treatments are done by licensed nurse practitioners.

Rest easy knowing your IV therapy is recommended and administered by a trained expert who knows the answers to your question and has no issues finding your vein.

How it Works

Pick your Treatment

Browse our variety of IV drip options and find the one that best suits your needs. For extra custom add-ons, kindly contact us.

Book your appointment

Find a time and day that fits your schedule. We are available Monday to Saturday. One of our nurses will confirm and medically clear you for your treatment.

Sit back and Relax

Our well-experienced Nurse practitioners will take care of you! With Beiamed IV therapy, you know you’re getting sustainable treatment.

Ready to Replenish?

Get Beiamed IV treatment and
recover in less than an hour

Administered by Nurses. Trusted Across Miami.

Unlike other IV therapy treatments, at Beiamed, your treatment is cleared by
medical direction & our certified nurse practitioners who:

The treatment is the same you’d receive from ER nurses…only without the 6-hour wait time. Just schedule a date and time that works for you!

Our IV Therapy Works
Read what others say…

Everyone at Beiamed is so kind and professional. I felt so safe with the nurse, and she had accurate answers to all my questions. Walked out of there feeling so refreshed, and I’m recommending them to everyone.

- Sandra T.

If you’re in Miami and need IV therapy, this is the only place you should walk into. The nurse didn’t poke me multiple times to find a vein; she got it the first time. The last place I went to was terrible; I had more than four failed needle marks. Save yourself the stress and just go to Beiamed.

- Martin G.

When you party in Miami and have a job interview the next day, make sure you book an appointment with them beforehand, haha. I had the IV drip for a hangover after attending a party the night before. In less than an hour, I was sharp and smart for my interview, and yea, I got the job too. Beiamed sure sprinkled some luck in my drip.

- Henty M.

Too sick, exhausted, jet-lagged
or hung over to move?


Get Relief in Less than 1 Hour.

Scheduling an appointment with Beiamed is as easy as it gets. We are committed to meeting your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have created a simple scheduling process for you to book an appointment at your convenience.

Our IVs are administered by professionally trained nurse practitioners.