All You Need to Know About Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, uses filler to straighten, lift and reshape the nose. The procedure takes less time to complete compared to the surgical rhinoplasty and the results are usually immediate. In less than 20 minutes, after you visit a dermatology clinic to get your nonsurgical nose job done, you’d step out with a straight, beautiful and perfect nose that dramatically improves your facial structure.

This relatively new treatment is fast becoming the favourite of many people due to its minimal downtime and instantaneous result. However, there are still a good number of people who are confused or skeptical about nonsurgical rhinoplasty, they ask questions like

Why should I choose this treatment over the traditional surgical nose job?

If you can’t commit to the long hours, expensive price and invasive procedures that surgical rhinoplasty demands, then nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a better alternative for you. At a fraction of the price of a surgical nose job, you can improve the appearance of your nose. And in about 10 to 15 minutes, a reputable nonsurgical rhinoplasty doctor will transform the shape and size of your nose and leave you feeling more confident about your facial appearance.

True, the results are not as long-lasting as traditional surgical nose job but the alternative lasting results can last up to 12 months. With nonsurgical rhinoplasty, there’s no pain, no difficult or long recovery process and no scars.

What exactly does nonsurgical rhinoplasty entail?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty basically corrects structural deformities on the nose by filling it up with liquids like Juvederm or Revanesse. For a bumpy-looking nose, the dermal filler is injected above and below the nose ‘bump’ to make it look completely straight. And to make a nose appear thinner and more refined, the filler is applied around the tip of the nose.

At the end of the nose job procedure, you will be handed a brief aftercare instructions that will guide you through the short process of recovery.

Does it have any side effects and is it safe?

The liquids, Revanesse and Juvederm, which are used in this process, are both biodegradable and biocompatible products that do not cause harm to the body. With an experienced, board-certified aesthetic dermatologist, there can be little or no complications with your nose job. The only side-effects you may experience are injection-related: tenderness, redness, swelling and bruising. All of these are not very serious and will disappear in a very short while.

What if I don’t like the results?

The results are not permanent and can be reversed after a few months. The noninvasive procedure of nonsurgical nose job doesn’t leave any scars and this actually gives you the chance to experiment with different looks.

How do I schedule a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Miami?

Your journey to a perfect nose that you can be proud of begins when you visit Beiamed medical spa. You will get all your questions answered and get rid of anything you don’t like about your nose at 2253 sw 22st Miami Florida 33145.  Our treatment plan will help you achieve the results you really desire for your nose.

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    I have seen the results. Very natural looking and definitely better than a nose job that can’t be reversed.

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