Natural hair loss and thinning eyebrows are common with aging. Years of excessive eyebrow tweezing or waxing Injuries and medical conditions like alopecia can also result in thinning of the eyebrows. Traditionally, the popular solution for brow thinning is makeup or semi-permanent makeup. Most clients want a Brow treatment that looks natural and effective. Our innovative solution, the FUI treatment, offers a permanent solution for brow hair restoration. Our expert hair transplant specialists utilize the innovative and effective FUI technique to restore your eyebrows to a fuller, defined and natural-looking result.

This innovative procedure is suitable for people with thin or sparse eyebrows due to
genetics or over-plucking, people who lost their eyebrows due to scarring from injuries
or burns, and individuals suffering from alopecia areata.

How does it work?

This FUI treatment uses single-unit hairs from a donor area usually hair follicles from the scalp to restore thinning or damaged hairs in the brow area. Individual follicles are taken from the back of the head, an area known for dense hair growth. The extracted follicles are carefully prepared for transplantation. Tiny incisions are made in the eyebrow area to create recipient sites for the follicles. Each follicle is meticulously implanted into a recipient site, ensuring the proper angulation and direction for natural-looking growth.

Initially, you may start to see some hair growth over a few days. Around 4-6 months after the procedure, you will begin to notice the progress of the final result, and in some months after that, you will continue to see more natural results. The full natural results can take up to a year to become visible.

Benefits of FUI procedure

Painless with the use of local anaesthesia

Completed in a few hours

Minimally invasive

Natural results


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