Brown Black Pigment


Brown Black pigment is a deep dark pigment for dark skin. Darker and cooler than Albast Brown colours. On cooler/darker skin undertones, this colour may heal to appear brown-black. Add Nano tangerine corrector for warmth, max 2 drops.

Brown Black colour can be used on its own and can be added to any lighter colour to give it a stronger staying power to the pigment. Just add one drop to any color

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Wanda Fernandez, founder at Beiamed offers the most concentrated pigments available. They are instantly absorbed by the skin and have a minimal discharge. Ecuri pigments have an ideal, thick consistency. They don’t splatter or spill. Ecuri pigments do not turn red or grey, but gradually fade into the skin. Practically all pigments can be removed with the tattoo Removy product or Q-med laser technique.

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Cool, Yellow, Red, Black, Inorganic, Organic.

Skin types

For Fitzpatrick lV – Vl




10 ml


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